Placid Vidya Vihar Senior Secondary School

Principal’s Message

Welcome to Placid Vidya Vihar (a citadel of quality education), a part of the Kristu Jyoti Group of CMI Educational Institutions.

Teaching young ones has always been my passion. It acts as a drive to continue on this transformative journey of shaping young minds. I am reminded of the adage, “Education starts from the womb and ends in the tomb.” This emphasizes the fact that education is a lifelong continuous process and schooling is an important phase in a child’s life.

C. S Lewis said, “The task of the modern educator is not to cut down the jungles, but to irrigate the deserts.” These words remind us of the huge responsibility that we have, as educators in this 21st century. We ought to remember that we are dealing with an active, creative and tech-savvy generation, ‘The Generation Z.’

Placid School has always been at the forefront due to its unmatched academic excellence. The excellent results in the AISSCE & AISSE 2018-19 has made it the most sought after school in Kerala. We are proud to impart quality-based education with a holistic approach.

 We understand that every child entrusted to us is ‘unique’ and hence ample opportunities are provided to each, to explore his/ her potential. Our curriculum and activities are designed in a way that promotes analytical thinking and creativity. Our classroom sessions are interactive and the Placidians learn by doing things.

At Placid, we do focus on physical fitness, hence sports and games are an integral part of our curriculum. The best learning and teaching take place when the greatest numbers of senses are used, and here comes the use of audio-visual aids. Technology is used effectively to support classroom teaching. The functioning of literary and creative activity clubs nourish their creative side.

We strongly believe that we are a part of Mother Nature. Our Nature Club holds activities like nature talks, seminars, tree planting, trekking and field trips, so that the students’ explore and strengthen their bond with nature. Besides these, a stupendous food fest is also organized by this active club.         

Our Counselling Department is truly a support system to the young Placidians. The effective counselling sessions make our students stress free, confident and mentally prepared to face all the challenges in their life.

In this fast paced modern world, where Moral Values have taken a back seat, we strive hard to instil good values in our teachings. To support this, we have incorporated moral science classes, retreats, spiritual enlightenment sessions in our planner.

Placid school is known for its charity work. Serving people is a matter of joy and pride, for every member in this Placid family. The Social Service Club has taken up initiatives like food-packet collection from the students. Placidians visit all nearby orphanages and old age homes, with clothes, cakes, gifts flavoured with lots of love, thereby, giving true meaning to those celebrations. We do hope that these small deeds of care and generosity would enable them to serve the less fortunate, later in their life.

Our mission at Placid school is to enable our students to grow as great thinkers, great doers and above all compassionate humans. We have taken the onus to make our young minds, ready to face life better, capable of accepting failures, to never give up and to be responsible citizens who can serve people and society at large.

I feel privileged to lead this exemplary team of dedicated teachers, supportive parents and creative young students. With the grace of Lord Almighty, Placid has witnessed a saga of achievements. We would like to continue to make more meaningful contributions to the student community and education industry at large. I look forward to your ceaseless support and whole- hearted cooperation in this journey of collaboration and transformation.