Placid Vidya Vihar Senior Secondary School

Principal’s Message

Welcome to the website of Placid Vidya Vihar Senior Secondary School, a part of the Kristu Jyoti Group of CMI Educational Institutions.  

 “Learning is a process that begins from a mother’s womb and ends in one’s tomb.

21 century learning is the development of highly valuable skill set for the future and not merely learning of the facts or gaining bookish knowledge. In today’s fast paced world of rapid technology advancement and changes, learning throughout life is more important than ever.  

 Placid Vidya Vihar is truly a home away from home for all the students where they feel welcomed, cared for and where they are offered appropriate resources conducive for learning. “Nurturing for Wholeness” is our motto and it is the driving force behind all our activities.  The school offers a diverse range of activities and ensures that all the students find their niche and develop their talents. In line with our motto, the school offers a plethora of extracurricular activities like music, dance, drama, sports, arts and crafts, martial arts, and other clubs that enrich their learning experiences and enable them to grow into well-rounded individuals. Along with this, it has been our constant endeavour to instil values in our young Placidians that will lead them in the path of righteousness and happiness. In academics, we emphasize more interdisciplinary, learner-centric, experiential & application- based teaching-learning practices that yield joyful and rich learning outcomes. 

 We welcome our parents to take an active role in the education of the child and be involved in our school’s journey.  We are constantly re-defining & re-designing our pedagogy so as to meet the demands of the young learners entrusted to us. As an educator, I strongly believe that ‘Education’ is the most important tool for transformation of the society through enlightenment and empowerment. We will continue our educational journey following in the footsteps of our Founding Father St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara.


 I feel privileged to lead a team of dedicated staff, supportive parents and passionate students. I owe my gratitude to all the stakeholders for their unstinted support and good wishes. The  academic achievements of placid Vidya Vihar in the last 35 years speak volumes of its scintillating   journey on the path of success. These incredible achievements are a reflection of the steadfast commitment and passion of our educators in preparing our students to be successful in the ever evolving world. Achieving these mile stones is not the end goal but the beginning of new goals and new learning at Placid Vidya Vihar. May this spirit of learning be an ongoing process in our lives and may Placid Vidya Vihar achieve great heights of success in the years to come.

Let’s rememberEducation is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” 

Wishing all the students a happy and successful journey of learning.