Placid Vidya Vihar Senior Secondary School

About Us

Placid Vidya Vihar Sr. Sec. School, a co-educational institution, had its modest beginning in 1988 as yet another educational endeavour of the CMI Educational Institutions. This CBSE affiliated institution in Kerala at Changanacherry in Kottayam district, has grown in name and stature in a short span of 27 years and is the one of the most sought after CBSE schools in the state today. Under the strict vigilance of the priests of the congregation of the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI), the school has, since its inception upheld the motto nurturing for wholeness and has endeavoured for the holistic development of the students entrusted to its care. Co-curricular and extracurricular activities have their own respectable niche in the Placid campus and have contributed immensely in moulding socially committed and spiritually strong individuals. Located in the scenic and serene Chethipuzha village the institution has contributed greatly to the social, cultural and economic growth of the region making it a well-known educational hub of the locality. Today more than 3000 thousand students from the length and breadth of the state have made Placid their second home.
Inquisitive people may ask why this educational institution is named Placid Vidya Vihar, The following write-up will briefly answer this question.
When the L.P. Section of this school was started as a feeder school to Kristu Jyoti English High School, the Sacred Heart Monastery, which had established and is managing this school, decided to name this educational institution after Rev. Dr. Placid, to perpetuate his memory. He was a scholar and he promoted learning and research studies. Therefore this seat of learning was named Placid Vidya Vihar. In the course of time Placid Vidya Vihar adopted C.B.S.E. syllabus and has grown into a fully-fledged English Medium Senior Secondary School.
The name Placid is derived from the Latin adjective placidus which means calm, quiet, gentle etc. Rev. Dr. Placid with his three doctorates, learning and holiness was really calm, quiet and gentle as a deep and serene ocean. He was a Sanyasi Priest in the full sense. At the same time he was a man of research studies and far-sighted plans. We should remember here that the world-renowned centers of learning such as Oxford and Cambridge were founded by Priests who were Religious or Sanyasis. We know that even in India the hermitages of Sanyasis were centers of Learning, where children and youth were educated. So also the Monastery at Chethipuzha decided to start and name this center of learning to perpetuate the memory of Rev. Dr. Placid who promoted the pursuit of research and learning.


The students of Placid Vidya Vihar should be models of devotion to God and obedience to authorities, and should imbibe the spirit of nobility, yearning for knowledge, habit of hard work, sympathy for the poor and such other characteristics which were the hallmarks of Rev. Dr. Placid. Above all, they should be placid in their attitudes and actions.