Placid Vidya Vihar Senior Secondary School

1. Placid Vidya Vihar is widely acclaimed as a joint family of management personnels, teachers and students encompassed by an atmosphere of serenity and welded together with mutual love and respect.
2. A team of highly qualified and experienced teaching staff dedicated to the profession is the school’s greatest asset.
3. The school curriculum envisages for each entrant an ambience for growth to his/her maximum potential helping them shape a global outlook beyond all caste, creed and religion.
4. Systematic teaching, learning process is insisted to bring out optimum performance from students.
5. This institution promotes in children social emotional intelligence and self-awareness feelings.
6. Through our self-calming lessons, students learn to avoid the impulse of the moment and react in a more measured manner. This helps them with attention problems, to identify and label feelings with a view to be selective.
7. Group activities envisaged for students help forge bonds and co-operation among them.
8. Students’ misbehaviour is mended with questions and discussions to inculcate in them understanding rather than evoking blind compliance to result in a remedial suggestion to focus on the feelings of others while viewing consequences of their own actions.
9. Besides laying emphasis on the cognitive tasks in respect to a child’s personality, more holistic approach with continuous assessment on the education of students is adopted to help children acquire a qualitatively different feel.
10. Students are trained to face failures and formulate a positive frame of mind in the ‘pressure-cooker’ environment, if so confronted with.
11. Subject-skill developed in students with essential extra lectures by proficient and experienced educators and scholars of different skill sectors.
12. Our students are oriented towards equipping themselves to handle pressure on an even keel when they are vulnerable to the vicissitudes of our times.
13. Our students are provided with classes to get themselves trained in the science of positive psychology to maximize human potential through the means of tried and tested programmes and practices to ensure happiness and longevity.
14. The School schedules programmes that would help students to be more resilient and optimistic.
15. This is an ISO 9001:2015 certified institution.