Placid Vidya Vihar Senior Secondary School

Mission & Vision


The Kristu Jyoti Group of CMI Educational Institutions, a synonym for Excellence, strives to induce an unusual striking note in students to wrest the best out of life. Also it provides the prospect of a contented future with a brilliant career. In the arena of moder­nity there are promising opportunities galore for the youth. Here the Kristu Jyoti Group plays its indomitable role. We envision for our students not only an intellectual adventure, but also a socially beneficial character formation, an un-matched stage for co-curricular activities and many laurel-winning leadership opportunities. Enshrined in a green and serene environment with conditions conducive to growth and learning, we try to mould their personality while allowing them to maintain their individuality which will allow them to climb the ladder of success in the strength of their own character and confidence.


Our mission is to mould our students to be oriented towards reaching for the stars with their feet confidently rooted in the ground of reality. We take care to expel the darkness of ignorance from the youth by shedding into them the flaming light of true wisdom. The Kristu Jyoti Group is here to enrich students in developing their unlimited inherent talents to get an opening in the world of unlimited possibilities and opportunities. Here their spirit of professional competency, sense of social integrity and strength of self confidence will win for them, by their marvellous performance, a plethora of victories. We have made it our mission to mould a generation of youth who will be shining symbols of national and cultural integrity combined with tolerance and sense of justice.