Placid Vidya Vihar Senior Secondary School




Placid Vidya Vihar has been stepping from success to success all through the years since its humble beginning in 1988 and the past year has been no exception. We have done excellently in academics and quite satisfactorily in non-academic areas. At this juncture I wish to put on record my sincere gratitude to the management, staff, students and the parent community for the unwavering support this past year and before. It is my privilege and responsibility to submit before the community a report of the school activities of the academic year 2018-19  


Placid Vidya Vihar stepped into its 30th academic year on Friday 1st June 2018 with 3150 students and 140 staff members. The first Friday Holy Mass marked the auspicious beginning for the new school year. Rev.Fr. Sebastian Attichira CMI, Manager, Kristu Jyoti group chaired the reopening day special assembly  held at the St.Chavara Indoor Basketball Court. The lighting of the traditional lamp marked the new beginning. All activities of the academic year were surrendered to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in a prayer session led by Father Manager.

‘Wilcuma’ Juniors

Placid Campus gave a warm welcome to the new entrants to the senior secondary section on 9th June 2018 in the inspiring presence of Dr.Jaiben George former alumni, and first rank holder of Kerala medical entrance 2009.  The solemn yet colourful ceremony was graced by the Principal and other esteemed invitees.


Placid Vidya Vihar has always enjoyed the strong support of an active PTA. The PTA general body for the academic year was convened on16th June and the executive body for the current academic year was elected.

PTA Executives:Mr. Manoj Mathew Palathra (President) ,Mrs.Jessy Mathew(Vice President),

Mr. N.P Krishnaprasad, Dr. Angel Sajo George, Mr.Jameson Jacob, Mrs. Shanty Joseph, Mr.James K.J, Mr. Sibychan Joseph, Mr. Sunny Joseph, Dr. Satheeshkumar P.K, Prof. Rosamma Jacob, Mrs. Ani T.K, Mrs. Mini Sunil and Mr.Giji Francis.

PTA executive meetings were held on scheduled dates to involve the PTA in the functioning of the school. PTA executive meetings were held on the following dates:

            16-06-2018 (General Body)

            26-06-2018 (Joint PTA)

            16-08-2018 (Executive)

05-09-2018 (Executive)

10-12-2018 (Executive)

Orientation Programme for XI

To guide the new entrants of the senior secondary section for a satisfying and successful life in the campus and a new phase of their academic life an orientation programme was held for  the students of class XI on 9th July 2018. Adv. Phijo Joseph, life skill trainer was the resource person.

School Parliament

The school parliament headed by Master Joel Sebastian and Miss. Treessa Thomas came into existence in the first week of July 2018. Master Karthik Kiran and Miss.Theresa Jacob                  were chosen Asst. School leaders.


The declaration of the AISSE& AISSCE results brought Placid in the limelight again.

AISSE Result: 57 of the class X students reached the all A1 category his year. Two of our students Miss Aleena Prince and Miss Theresa Jacob brought further glory by bringing in all India 6th rank to the campus. There were 9 Placidians  in the first 10 ranks of the Xth board exam.

AISSCE Result: 76 of the class XII board students came out with flying colours entering the all A1 category, which is a remarkable 17.51% of the total number. 4 of our students scored an enviable 100 in Mathematics, 3 in Biology, 2 each in Computer Science &Economics and 1 each in Chemistry and accountancy. 

KVPY Scholarship

18 of Placid’s brightest won the prestigious KVPY scholarship the past year and could opt for graduate studies, on full scholarship, in prestigious institutions.

Other Scholarship and  quiz platforms attended by Placidian’s include:

  1. Club Mathematica By NIT Calicut –  13-06-2018
  2. IAPT MTA Pre Regional Maths Olympiad – 23-09-2018
  3. IAPT NSEP, NSEC, NSEB & NSEA -25-11-2018
  4. Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan – 28-11-2018

 ‘Excellentia’ -2018

The meritorious students of the X & XII board exams was felicitated on 28th June in a grand ceremony in the gracious presence of Rev. Dr. Samuel Mar Irenios, Auxiliary Bishop, Syro Malankara, Catholic Dioscese. Rev.Fr. Sebastian Chamathara CMI, Provincial, St.Joseph Province Trivandrum was a special guest on the occasion.

Examinations 2018-19 : Examinations as per the CBSE directive – 4 Periodic Tests and 2 term end exams  were held  for Classes I-X. Model exams also were held for classes IX & X at appropriate times.

Remedial classes:Remedial Classes for the academically backward students are held after the regular school hours to bring them up at par with the rest of the class.

The Sr. Sec. Section held a different set of exams and tests that commenced from the second week of July. Model exams were held for class XII in preparation for the Board exam.

Open House & Class-wise PTA

Open house meetings and class-wise PTAs, the common platform for  parents and teachers to discuss the performance of the students were held on the following dates.

Class-wise PTA   

     I & II                 – 07-08-2018

     III,IV&V          – 10-08-2018

     IX                      – 13-08-2018

     X                       – 14-06-2018



Open House

     I – XI                 – 13-10-2018

     X                       – 29-09-2018


Sr.Sec. PTA Meeting &Open House


     XI&XII             – 09-06-2018

     A1,B1, C1&D1 -15-07-2018 & 12-08-2018

     XI                      -06-10-2018

     XII                    -05-08-2018 & 27-10-2018


Co-curricular Activities

Targeting the all round development of the individual co-curricular activities are given due importance in the Placid Campus. Various Dance forms- cultural & cinematic, music, guitar, glass painting, drawing, embroidery, gardening, Roller skating, Kung Fu, Karate etc. have found their niche in the curriculum. Every child who enters the threshold of this institution is professionally trained in anyone of the many activities. This year the school was proud to introduce Swimming and Zoomba dance in the co-curricular activities.

LCA: The weekly once class wise LCA stepped beyond the walls of Individual classes to showcase interclass performances.

ISA Activities: Embedding an international dimension in the curriculum 7 separate projects were done in the span of an academic year, encompassing the whole Placid student community directly or indirectly. This was a mandatory requirement for the renewal of the British Council International School Award.


Sargajyoti 2018

The school youth festival was held in the school campus at various venues on 12th October 2018


In association with the patron’s day celebration the school hosted the 23rd  All Kerala Inter School Quiz and Elocution competition for classes I-XII and the 6th Placid Vidya Vihar Silver Jubilee Memorial Inter School Quiz Competition for Senior Secondary students, on 15th November. The guest of honour of the day was His Excellency Mar Thomas Tharayil, Auxilliary Bishop, Archdiocese Changanasserry.


Commerce Fest – ‘Merxalux’- The commerce fest ‘Merxalux 2018’was held on 28 September  2018 and saw the participation of nearly 200 participants from various schools.

Class Tours

 As a part of outdoor learning experience, class tours were held on the following dates.


       VI                 – 27-10-2018          – Silverstorm&Snowworld, Chalakkudy

VII&VIII            – 06-11-2018          – Jataayu Earth Centre, Kollam

       IX                 – 16-20Nov.2018   – Mysore & Ooty


SPORTS & Games

Chavara Trophy Tournaments

The 24th  Kristu Jyothi Chavara Basketball Tournament, the 21st Placid Decennial Hand ball Tournament and the 13thKristu Jyothi Silver Jubilee Memorial Volley ball Tournament were held on 3&4August 2018 and saw participation from schools from the length and breadth of the State. The tournaments were inaugurated by Mr.S.Suresh Kumar, DySP, Changanasseerry and Mr.Basil Philip, National basketball player. Mr. Llichen Kunniparambil,Muncipal chairman Changanassery was the guest at the valedictory function held on the 4August

Sports Day XI&XII

As a part of the SEWA activities a sports day was held for the students of classes XI&XII on 29 September for assessment of physical abilities and aptitude for sports and games. Classes I –IX students held their sports day on February 15 , 2019

Inter-school Roller skating competition

Placid was proud to host the 16th Sahodaya interschool roller skating competition on 25th October 2018.

Student Support System

 Guidance & Counselling  : The guidance and counselling department not only provides the necessary initial support to the troubled students but also organises personality development programmes and career guidance seminars for students and orientation programmes for teachers and parents.

Career Counselling and Personality Development Programs

In order to function contentedly and successfully at the personal, professional and social level choosing the right career is of utmost importance. The school believes in helping the students to choose the right career so as to lead a happy life and hence various Career Counselling and Personality Development Programs. To serve this purpose ‘Insight 2018 was conducted for various classes on the following dates.

Class               Date                            Resource person

XII                  09-07-2018                  Adv.Phijo Joseph

XI                    10-07-2018                              “

X                     28-07-2018                  Fr.Saiju Thuruthel MCBS

IV&V              27-06-2018                  Sr.JishaCMC,Sr.Jaisly CMC, Sr.Karunnya CMC                                                      (Holy Queens Provincial House)

VI&VII                       15-11-2018                  Mr. Tom Zacharia HRD Trainer

XI&XII                       22-11-2018                  Mr.C.AFrancis(ScaleupConsultings)

XI&XII                       23-11-2018                 Mac Millan Publishers           

VIII                             29-11-2018                  Dr.Sr.Betsy.Retd.Principal,BCM College


Teacher Orientation Programme & Workshops.  

The school management insists that its teaching staff remain in touch with the changing trends in the field of education. Orientation programs and workshops for teachers are an integral part of every academic year. Dr.Joju John Teacher triner, Mar Theopheles training  college TVM spent a day for Placid staff on 28 May 2018. Another session was arranged for the teachers by Kottayam sahodaya on 22 September2018. Mr. Joji Paul, Principal Benchmark International School Tiruur and Dr.T.C Thankachan St.Thomas Training College Pala were the resource persons of the day.

1 Capacity Bldng.prog.on life skills 28th July 3Teachers Mount Bethany Pathanamthitta
2 Workshop for counsellors 28th June 1 Teacher Women&Child Development dept.Kottayam
3 Capacity Building Prog. on Physics 27&28 July  2 Teachers Chavara publicSchool Pala.
4 Capacity building prog.on Physics 28&29 September ,2 teachers Campion School, Kochi
5 Maths Professional development Workshop 30October,2teachers Goyal Publishers
6 Principal’s  Meet 6th & 7th October , Principal All Kerala CBSE Principal’s Conference and Training 2017,  Kochi Confederation of Kerala Sahodaya Complexes
7 Capacity building prog on,classX 2&3 November,2 teachers Sahodaya Kottayam


Parent Orientation programme

The counselling cell of the institution also held an orientation programme for parents on new generation parenting, on 9th September 2018. International trainer Dr.Siju Thomas Thottappally gave practical guidelines to parents to keep them in step with their fast moving new gen. wards

Mannah : The annual retreat for students of class VII-XII was held on 26&27 September at various venues in the campus. The retreat was led by Fr.Paul Vadakkemuriyil CMI & Team from Retreat Centre Cheepunkal.

Social Service League

The activities of the school Social Service League for the academic year 2018-19 was inaugurated on 27th June 2018, by Sri.Varghese Antony,President, Vazhappally Grampanchayat.
Food Packets: Food packets are collected from students weekly once and are handed over to Sri. P.U Thomas,director Navajeevan Trust to be distributed among the needy.

One Year ,One Home : The SSL does a commendable job to promote a charitable mentality in students by its weekly social service collection, which goes into the one year one home project. In the one Year One Home Project13 houses have already been completed and handed over to the beneficiaries.

The SSL also promotes students’ visit to charity homes, to make them realise how privileged they are.

The SSL also initiated an old newspaper collection to collect money for flood relief fund

Flood Relief camp

Placid Vidya Vihar opened its doors to the flood hit people of Kuttanad and accommodated more than 750 people in the relief camp for more than 10 days from 18th August to the 28th. Among the best relief camps in the state, it was visited by eminent people like Sri.P.Thilothaman(Minister for Food and Civil Supplies), Sri. Thomas Isaac (Minister for Finance), Sri.G.Sudhakaran(Minister for Public works), Cardinal Mar George Alencherry, Archbishop Mar Joseph Perunthottam, Rev.Fr.Sebastian ChamatharaCMI(Provincial, St. Joseph Province Tvm), Auxiliary Bishop Mar Thomas Tharayil, C F Thomas MLA and many others. At  this juncture we gratefully acknowledge the unstinting support of the community and the local administration whose monetary, material contributions and personal involvement helped make the camp a happy experience for the inmates.


Principal’s Day : It was celebrated without the pomp and grandeur of the yesteryears, on 10th Oct. 2018. A food fest was held in association with the celebration and the profit from the same was contributed to the renovation of a flood hit school in Kuttanad. The more than 100 books that the principal was gifted from the different classes were contributed to the library.

Manager’s Day: The school greeted the Manager of KJ Group, Rev. Fr. Sebastian Attichira CMI on his birthday on 21 January 2019 in a humble ceremony held at the St.Chavara Indoor Stadium.

Bursar’s Day : Rev.Fr. Chacko Manackal CMI had a  simple birthday celebration in the campus on 7 February 2019.

 Teachers’Day : Prof. James Manimala, former HOD Dept. of Malayalam, SB College changnasserry was the guest of honour on 5September 2018. The celebration was held in the St.Chavara Indoor court in the presence of Fr. Manager. The teachers were honoured with rose flowers by the students and a gift from the management.

Gandhi Jayanti : Usually a holiday, Gandhi Jayanti was celebrated in a novel way this time by the school with a special assembly and a cleaning programme by the students. Sri.Varghese Antony,President Vazhappally Gramapanchayat and Sri.Mohd. Newman DySP Excise dept were the guests of the assembly programme. The students spent the day cleaning the school and its surroundings and also lent a helping hand at Mercy Home Chethipuzha



Environment Day Exhibition :An environment day exhibition was organised by the students of the senior secondary section on 5th June 2018 to give a glimpse of the ‘green past’ of mankind and the ‘concrete present’ of today.

Glimpses 2018 : A curricular exhibition was conducted by the lower primary students on 3rd August 2018 showcasing the evolution of mankind from the past to the present and its faces of development.

ISA Food Exhibition :As a part of the ISA renewal project a food exhibition was held by the students of V&VI presenting food items of Bhutan, Nepal, Srilanka and India.

Infrastructure Development


New Library : To accommodate the increasing number of students and books a new library was constructed and inaugurated on14th September. The blessing ceremony was led by Rev.Fr.Sebastian Attichira CMI, Manager KJ group in the presence of Rev. Fr.Martin Thayil CMI, Director KJ Group, Rev.Principals of KJHSS, KJCMT, PVV, the president and executive members of the PTA, parents, staff and students

The New Cookhouse : The management is extra keen in providing nutritious, hygienic food to the students who are left to their care. Hence the completion of the ultramodern, ultraclean kitchen for the Boarders was a dream come true.  


Book fair : The annual book fair was held in the campus on 21 June                     bringing together the books from a number of publishers. The students were given opportunity to visit the fair.


            ENDOWMENTS          INSTITUTED BY

Late Sr. Christy SD Memorial Endo.                  :    Francis Antony, MadathilKoonamthanam

Mrs. MariyammaVarkey Endo.                           :    Mr. Chacko Varghese, Muppathil, Edathua

Late Mrs. Chandra Maria Endo.                          :    M.P. Abraham, Maliampurackal, Pulincunnu

Late Mr. & Mrs. K.M. PakarudheenRawther Endo.     :               P.R. Ibrahim, Kallamparambil, Changanacherry

Late Chris Martin Endo.                                        :    Mr. & Mrs. Martin K.T., Koippally, Changanacherry

Late BhanumathiAmma Endo.                            :    Mr. & Mrs. V.P. Sasidharan, Ambady, Changanacherry

Late V.M. Chandy Endo.                                      :    Mr. Mathew Alexander, Vadayil, Chethipuzha

Mathan Potha Endo.                                              :    Beena K Potha, Kottuppallil, Vadakkekkara

Mr. Thomas Varkey Endo.                                   :    Fr. Zacharias Prakuzhy CMI, U.S.A.

Late. Shebi N Michael Endo.                               :    Mr. James Nampimadam, Chethipuzha

Late. Mariamma Thomas Endo.                          :    Jobin Joseph, Thyparambil, Mundakayam

PunnackattuEdikulaScariah Memorial Endo.   :    RejuScaria, Punnackattu House, Koodal

Mrs. Thresiamma Chacko Endo.                         :    Jacob Antony, Vaikath, Alappuzha

Late. Mr. P.J. George                                             :    GeorgyBabu, Mundamkara, Ayroor, Pathanamthitta

Late Robin Raju George                                        :    Placid AluminiAssociaton

Late Robin Raju George                                        :    Raju George, Robin Villa, Kurisummoodu, Changanacherry

Late Ken Kuriakose Memorial                             : Kuriakose Philip,Panachipuram, kurisummoodu


Placid Vidya Vihar has come a long way since its inception in 1988 and it has many more miles to go, promises to keep and many, many more generations to mould into responsible and successful citizens of the world.

We hope that we have been able to meet your expectations. We understand our responsibility to safeguard the interest of the parent and student community, during the period of their association with us. We promise to continue to do our best for our society and for the nation. I am extremely thankful to the esteemed guests of the day who have honoured us with their presence. My heartfelt gratitude to the Rev. Fathers & Brothers of the SH Monastery, the staff, student & the parent community of Placid, especially the PTA executive members. As I conclude, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the well wishers of this institution who have been instrumental in its growth, directly or indirectly. God Bless Us All.